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Do you want to be an educator? Do you want to work in college, high school, or preschool? Are you willing to integrate technology into your learning experience?
Our Education & Training Cluster offers nationally recognized Certifications and Credentials.

Program Courses

Introduction to Teaching 1 & 2
Prepare for employment and/or postsecondary opportunities in the education field. Teaching, communication, human growth & development, instructional strategies, and school-societal relationships. Authentic learning experiences.

Early Childhood Education 1 & 2
Provides hands-on opportunities to actively explore & observe the world of children & preparation for educational & administrative careers in the field. In-depth study of developmentally appropriate practices.

Child Development 1 & 2
Focuses on the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth and development of children from infancy to toddler. Aligned with national standards.

Teacher Cadet
Provides students with insight into the nature of teaching, issues of schooling, & critical issues of quality education in America’s schools.

Educational Psychology
Application of concepts, principles, & research findings from psychology to the planning & implementation of effective instructional strategies.


Job Opportunities

Adult, Secondary, Elementary, or ESL Teacher
$29.60/hr $61,350/yr
Instruct in fundamental skills such as reading, math, & history.

CTE Teacher
$29.50/hr $61,160/yr
Instruct vocational subjects, such as auto tech & culinary arts.

Childcare Center Director
$22.75/hr $47,310/yr
Lead staff, design programs, oversee daily activities, prepare budgets.

Preschool Teacher
$14.52/hr $30,210/yr
Educate & care for children younger than 5 yrs.

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